Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bees - Phobias and Photographs

Bees are one of my favorite photography subjects despite being irrationally terrified of them. The photo to the left here is the photo that made me think I can take a good picture, it was and is my inspiration picture. It received such positive comments on Facebook and is a shame that to achieve this image I had to crop it too much to get a decent sized print. All because of fear.

Of course that brings me to the phobia. When I took that photo I was focused on the flowers. I noticed the yellow jacket was intensely interested in the flower and not moving at all so I thought I'd take it's picture. I took from a distance. Then I zoomed in. Then I got brave, heart pounding, and moved in closer. But still not close enough to achieve the photo posted. That was a product of cropping.

Since then I like to photograph bees, even though I'm scared of them. I get much closer than in past but trust me, if one of the bees starts to move towards me, I run away screaming a high pitched scream. If you see the girl running with the camera screaming and flailing about, that's probably me. But it gets less scary the more I do it so maybe these photos will help heal this phobia of mine. Just maybe.

Here are some of my favorite photographs of bees and flowers, since that is where they like to hang out.

Bee on bright Spiderwort flowers at Fermilab Prarie Trail

Left: Bumble bee at Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

Right: Honey bee at Cononial Williamsburg, Virginia

Bumble bee on globe thistle at Williamsburg, Virginia

Please also check out my bumble bee closeup in my Artfire store TheShutterbugEye.

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  1. nice bees photos. :D You took by yourself?

  2. thanks! I took all of those photos, in fact all of the photos on my blog I took myself. Thanks.