Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cantigny - Part 4 The Idea Garden

Today I am sharing photos from the Idea Garden at Cantigny. This garden is to give ideas to gardeners.

There were a variety of garden types and I'm just sharing a few photos from them. To see more from the Idea Garden, check out my Artfire store, The Shutterbug Eye. I will be adding different photos from this garden throughout the day.

Garden featuring a tree with hanging croc (as in the shoe) pots with plants.

Black-Eyed Susan

Pretty assortment of flowers

Tree in bloom


Thanks for reading and viewing. Tomorrow I finish my series on Cantigny with the Prairie.



  1. What a great idea to have an 'idea garden'! I wish we had one of those around here, I would be at it all the time. Thanks for sharing all the great photos with us, they are beautiful!!

  2. Thank you. The "idea garden" was neat with different gardens for each season, for different themes, etc.

  3. You have an award at