Friday, July 17, 2009

Weekly Artfire Highlights

Starting me store, The Shutterbug Eye, on Artfire to sell my photography has been and continues to be a learning process. Starting this blog is also a continual learning process. Initially when I planned this weekly post, the thought was I would feature all the photos that I listed to my store during the week. It turns out I list when I have time and may list way more than can fit in one blog entry one week and then none the next.

So this week I am going to post just a couple that I like. If these are repeats, I appologize. I will hopefully be listing new items over the weekend when I have time. I also hope to set up some posts highlighting Wednesday's trip to Brookfield Zoo to feature next week.

Enjoy these photos and stop by my The Shutterbug Eye.

Thanks for stopping by. Please visit my studio and let me know your thoughts.


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