Friday, August 28, 2009

Honey Bees

Here are some photos of honey bees. I usually spend time focusing on bumble bees and carpenter bees (the big fuzzy bee category), today I thought I share some of honey bees. I find it interesting that the flowers I find the bumble and carpenter bees on are different than the flowers I found the honey bees on. They seem to have their preferences.

These flowers had tons of honey bees all over them

Honey bee pollinating a pink flower

Here the bee flies away

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  1. Thanks Kelly. I have a bunch more I'll be posting in the next week or two from my Cantigny garden trip. There were so many bees and wasps it was unreal. I have to say I used to be terrified of them but now I go right up to the flowers with lots of them to get good photos. I am getting over my fear through photography.