Friday, September 4, 2009

Cantigny - Honey bees

Yesterday I shared some photos and info about wasps. Today I am featuring a honey bee. Honey bees are a social bee and the primary pollinator, though there are other pollinators. You can quickly see how different a bee looks from a wasp. Even the honey bee is hairy. The hair/fur on bees helps them gather even more pollen. This bee was quickly going in circles around the center of this flower collecting pollen as fast as it could.

Honey bee gathering pollen (see it all on its back leg)

Honey bee coming around for more

Thanks for visiting. Tomorrow I will be sharing some highlights from my Artfire studio The Shutterbug Eye.



  1. niceeeee work frnd.. i really wanna share some tips with a cute photographer lik u.. cn u post the technical infos like focus mode, etc while publishing the pics.. really like ur blog.

  2. Hi, thank you. I will try going forward to post some of the technical info. May not happen on every post but I'll try to do that when I write new blogs.

    I can tell you for these two pics I used the autofocus.
    First one had f-stop 8 and 800 shutterspeed
    The second one had an F-stop of 9 and a 320 shutter speed (lesslight on this one.
    Both were ISO 400.

    Used a Nikon D70 camera with a Nikkor AF 60 mm Micro Lens (I don't have the box to give every detail on it but can if you needed me to.)