Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Snapshot seconds - bumble bee hovers

Bumble bee hovers at purple flowers

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DK Miller
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  1. Nice shot! I've never gotten close enough to capture a bee yet. I'm too afraid, lol! I should pull out my telephoto lens and use it I suppose...

    Shelley @ Shutterbug

  2. Thanks Shelley. I like photographing bees. I used to be horribly afraid and find that photographing them and learning about them has helped a lot. I wouldn't want one to land on me but I can get quite close when taking photos or just looking now. That is a huge accomplishment. So start with the telephoto and eventually you'll be wanting a macro so you can focus up close. :-)

  3. Nice shot! was this shot using macro lens too?

    I enjoyed your macro shots on other post! It was so beautiful. I wish can own one soon...

    Have a Nice Day!

  4. Thank you and yes, this was with the macro lens. I love that lens.