Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chicago Botanical Gardens - more flowers

Just sharing a few more photos from the Chicago Botanical Gardens.

Red trumpet shaped flowers

This gorgeous flower was what greeted us at the entrance

Thanks for stopping by. My botanical garden photos will continue this week.

DK Miller
The Shutterbug Eye, Nature photography & more


  1. Wow! That is an awesome shot of that pink flower. Definitely the makins' of a fine print!

  2. I really love the colors on these two photos, especially the second one. The white in the middle makes it look like it was giving off light.

  3. Thanks. The second one greeted us at the entrance. They were so pretty.

  4. LOVE the photos but the second one, WOW! With that greeting you at the entrance you had to have known it would be a good shoot day! Can't wait to see more.