Monday, October 5, 2009

The Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden at the Chicago Botanical Gardens features a path through serene landscaping all on its own island.

Path through the garden

Tree in the Japanese Garden

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DK Miller
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  1. Just gorgeous. The gnarled limbs on the tree have so much character. Great shots.

  2. Looks a great place to visit.
    Love that second shot.

  3. lovely garden, would be a perfect place to lie down in the sun and have a nap :)
    ps thanks for following xox

  4. Wow, thanks all. I really liked the tree in the second shot and how it went over the water kind of. The landscaping of the garden was very peaceful, if only something could be done about the screaming kids. (not that I don't like kids but messed up the ambiance).

  5. Great photos! I especially like the perspective from that tree branch. Very nice!