Sunday, October 18, 2009

Michigan - the lake at Grand Haven

Yesterday I shared a few photos of Grand Haven, MI. Today, I'm sharing photos of the lighthouses there by the lake.


Green and white lighthouse with wave splashing

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DK Miller
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  1. Loving these photos, especially the one with the green and white lighthouse. I can almost feel the cold air, but it looks like a great place to sit and collect your thoughts. Have a great day.

  2. Nice pics and that red lighthouse is very interesting. Just what is that leading to it?

  3. love the lines in the first photo; the lighthouse serves as a nice natural vanishing point.

    *my best to naperville! half of my students at the University of Iowa were from there (though they would usually just claim Chicago!)

  4. Thanks everyone.

    Ann, it would be a nice place and we were lucky it was warm that day.

    earthtoholly - I'm not sure what the big metal thing leading to the lighthouse is. It went the whole length of the walk though. I wanted to get more of it in a pic but there were too many people.

    HUzzah! Vintage - that's funny about the students. I knew a girl in college who wasn't even in suburb area who would tell people she was from Chicago. She said she hated having to go through the whole explanation of where she lived. LOL. I like Naperville.