Saturday, October 17, 2009


So two weeks ago, yes that is about how behind I run on this blog from photo taking to photo posting, I went to Michigan with a friend in search of fall colors. Well, we should have checked all the fall color websites as the colors were peaking up in the upper peninsula but that was way to far for us so we made do.

It was still a nice day out with pretty skies and we did find some fall color. Today, I'm sharing photos from Grand Haven, MI. It's a cute town on the lake.

You can see the main strip of shops through town to the left here.

One of the few trees that was yellow

Lake Michigan

Tomorrow I will share more from the lake view in Grand Haven. There were some light houses.

DK Miller
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  1. Love the photos especially the one of lake michigan. I was out this morning and noticed we already have some trees that are completely bare.

  2. Nice work, your blog looks good. I like the changes you've made

  3. Thanks!
    Ann, we have some bare trees too. We also have some green trees. The trees seem to be on different schedules this year.

    Blueberry - thanks, it took a while to find the write tutorial on adding a column but I finally got it. Still think I may want the two other columns on the same side though. I'll sit on it for a week and see how I feel. :-)