Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A fork in the road

I am continuing on with my hike at Knock Knolls Park.  Below you see the path splits.  What way should I go??  What way would you go??  Answer in comments and I'll tell you what way I went.

Fork in the road

A fallen leaf on the path

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DK Miller
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  1. I believe that I would take the path to the left.

  2. Nice shot. I would have gone through the path on the left which seems the road less traveled. I enjoy mystery. Stunning leaf shot as well.

  3. I'm from the country; and that "fork in the road" is so familar. How'd you think to photograph that???
    It has actually been some time since I've seen a fork in the road. (city girl mostly now) LOL, I wonder if city folk would immediately understand the true meaning of that term!!! Very pretty and fall ish photos.

  4. Well, first I did take the path to the left. It was the narrower path through the thicker forest and appealed to me.

    I like paths and roads and like photographing them. The split in the path / fork in the road had to be captured.

  5. Well said. The fork in the road had to be captured. It takes me back to my country day.

  6. ...I guessed you would take the path to the left. It looks less traveled. I see you did! Looks like a wonderful trail...

  7. It is a nice trail, it's one of my favorite parks in the area.