Saturday, November 21, 2009


Today I am sharing some photos of the paths we walked at the Morton Arboretum.  I like paths, they lead to the unknown, to adventures.  I hope you enjoy these photos.

Path into the forest at the Arboretum

Up a hill

Enjoy your weekend!

DK Miller
The Shutterbug Eye, Nature photography & more


  1. I always enjoy finding new paths that lead to who knows where. It's fun to see what you can find.

  2. Oh Diane, gorgeous paths. I love the mystery that surrounds path and these photos display that mystery. Very nice.

  3. Thanks, I like paths too. Especially new paths, paths I have not walked down. It's fun to discover new things.

  4. Wow- How have I not stumbled on your blog before? Great stuff! I've been to that arboretum too.

  5. Oh.. I have two logins, and the one I'm on now is not my personal blog. I'm

  6. Hi, thanks for the complements. :-) Sharkbytes, I've been to myqualityday but will have to go visit again!