Friday, January 15, 2010

Eagles @ Cowboys Playoff Game 1-9-10 34-14 Dallas Won!

As many of you know I was in Dallas last weekend for the game.  I thought I'd share a few photos from that.  We had a great time, our team won, what more could we ask for.

These are just a few photos.  I have a bigger album on my Facebook Fan Page.  You do not have to be my fan to view it but you do have to have a facebook account.  Of course, I'd be thrilled if you decided to become a fan.

So here are the photos.  I hope Cowboys can swing another win this weekend against the Vikings!

The cheerleaders perform before the game

The Cowboys enter the field to a roaring cheer

Ted Nugent performs the National Anthem

A great run by Choice

Tony Romo before a play

Go Cowboys, almost there!

Hurd gets the crowd pumped up

Cowboys ball!

Terence Newman

I hope you enjoyed.  If you wish to see more, visit my Facebook Page. 

DK Miller
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  1. Wow you got some great shots. I hope the cowboys beat the vikings too, but only because the vikings are my exes favorite

  2. How exciting to be at a playoff game. While I've been to many Niner games, I've never been to a playoff. You've got some awesome shots there. You must have been sitting close to the field. Romo is a hottie though I have to say I've never been a fan of the Cowboys :( Sorry. It should be a great game with the Vikings though so I will definitely be watching.

  3. Thanks! Now the Cowboys and the Cardinals need to both win so the Cowboys can host the NFC Championship Jan.24. IF they do, we'll be there!