Monday, January 18, 2010

Lonely Tree

Today I am sharing photos of a tree I took during snow we had last month.

Tree in the pairie preserve

This tree even has a few leaves hanging on

Which brings me to a question - has anyone else noticed leaves on some trees well into winter?  We had snow, we had wind chills well below zero, we have had an ice storm and then more snow and yet there are trees that are still covered with dried up brown leaves.  Why????  Anyone??  I find this incredibly odd.

Have a great day!

DK Miller
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  1. The tree in my next door neighbors back yard is still loaded with leaves. It always is every year. I don't know the reason but I would suspect that it has something to do with the type of tree.

  2. Diane, first, You know I love trees and this one is no exception. Where I live there is a mixture of trees with, without and some even with flowers. I noticed it the last time I was at the Botanical gardens. So, I think as Ann said it depends on the tree.

  3. I find it odd too. The dogberries on my last photo... they should have been gone by late October. I couldn't believe that they were still on the trees in January. Very strange.

  4. I think it's strange. I don't remember it being like this. I remember the sides of the roads being completely without leaves. Hmmm. Or I just wasn't as observant back then????