Saturday, January 2, 2010

More ice

Today I am going back to the ice storm from last week and sharing some photos of the ice encased branches.

Icy branches

A lot of icy branches

Come back Monday for some macros.

DK Miller


  1. Wow, Diane these are so unique and creatively formed. Great shots.

  2. Ice on the branches of trees is always so beautiful. This is what we all try to capture when we all so carefully craft our Christmas trees. Nature still does it a little better.

  3. ...I always love looking at crystalized branches. We seem to get at least one good ice storm a year, but usually not until February. Beautiful photos. Happy New Year!!

  4. Thanks everyone. I took several pics of the ice. These and some snow ones are gonna be my winter bread and butter I think. :-) It was so pretty out and I only wished I could have gone skating through the woods (notice I said skating as hiking would have been a fall for sure.)