Friday, February 12, 2010

The Shutterbug Eye - Frozen Fog prints

Today I share a couple prints listed on Artfire featuring the frozen fog.  I hope you enjoy.  Stop by to see the full selection.


Visit my store to see the full selection.  Also, all of my photographs can be printed on note cards as well.

DK Miller


  1. Beautiful photos, I love those little pinecones

  2. These are really great pictures. I really wish I could get my camera to do things like that.

  3. Thanks everyone!

    Ratty - what type of lens do you use? I took these with an AF 28-200 mm lens. I have some in my shop/on flickr that were taken with a macro lens which helps for the close ones. It has a different effect.

    I get as close as I can to the subject and still be able to focus - you will loose depth of field so pick your focus point carefully. I played around with settings/distance/zoom. I'd be happy to shoot you an e-mail with some of the cameral setting details?

    Oh and having really awsomely beautiful frost like this helps. :-)

  4. My camera is just a point and shoot. It's a very good one for the type it is, and it is able to use extra lenses, but not good ones. I can change many of the settings on it, but it's really just laziness that holds me back from getting better macros. I have an extra macro lense, but I don't usually take it with me.