Friday, January 8, 2010

The Shutterbug Eye - listed original waterdroplets

So I have listed the original.  My plan was to list all three and share that today but when I went to the files I realized I didn't save "good" printable copies, only small "web" copies so the only one I'd be willing to print for sale is the original.  The others I will have to re-edit and then list.  They may not be 100% the same though which is why I need to get the editing done first and then list.

Once all three are listed, I plan to offer a special for buying all three together and offer them in a special sized note card pack.

For now, here is the listing of the original.  I am putting this one on Etsy too.

I will update when I get this re-edited and the other two posted.

On another subject, I am driving down to Dallas, TX today to see the playoff game tomorrow between the Cowboys and the Eagles.  I hope to be able to share some photos from the game when I return. :-)

DK Miller
The Shutterbug Eye, Nature photography & more


  1. This is gorgeous. Such a nice contrast between the crystal droplets and matte leaf. Have fun at the game!

  2. Very beautiful...although, I would like to be closer to the leaf, to be able to see the reflection in the droplets. I have a hard time letting mysteries remain a mystery :)