Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Frozen Fog - Part 1

So we had a morning, a few weeks back (yes I operate a few weeks behind it seems) where there was some freezing fog.  It left the most beautiful, I thought, frost on all of the trees and plants.  I'll be sharing photos of that over the next several posts.  Today are two from my front yard.  When I stepped outside and saw this I had to run in and grab the camera and take a few shots while the husband and kid waited in the car to leave for breakfast.

Here you can see the long frost crystals on the plant.

I loved how the frost seemed to create branches of it's own.
These photos were both taken with the Nikor AF 60 mm Micro Lens. 

Friday, I'll share a few flowers from my Artfire shop but then Saturday it will be back to the frost.

DK Miller


  1. Nice picture! It is actually called Hoarfrost.... here a link explaining.

  2. Beautiful pictures. They remind me of what the frost does to the prairie near me that I love.

  3. Thanks everyone. It was even better in real life. :-)