Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lucky - face portrait

So the blogging from Flickr worked nice the other day. As I do not have a regularly scheduled blog today, I thought I'd share another Flickr photo. I am not following any set pattern or theme with these.

Today I share a portrait of a cat. This is my cat Lucky, who I found on the porch of my apartment in the city 11 years ago. Wow, 11 years ago, where does time go????

I hope you enjoy.


  1. So who was luckier, you for finding the cat or the cat for being found by you? Either way that's a very pretty cat, nice portrait.

  2. I think we were both lucky. She was one pound of cuteness when I found her and instantly affectionate and cuddly. She still is very demanding of cuddles.

  3. Very nice picture, DK Miller :) I was sitting here looking at the picture, and thinking that all cat owners are lucky,.. as mine was finding a new way to get himself into trouble.

  4. I think my cat has nicknamed ME Lucky because she seems to think I'M lucky she puts up with me!

    That's a really nice photo - after 7 years of photographing cats for Sparkle's blog, I can attest to the fact that they are not easy creatures to capture in a picture.

  5. Thanks,

    Paul - we are lucky to have these furry creatures in our lives. :-)

    Janiss - You get very good shots on Sparkle's blog. This cat, Lucky, seemed to enjoy her photo shot. She was totally hamming it up for the camera, I'd even go so far as to say posing for me. She likes being the center of attention and is always happy when I focus all on her. LOL. My other cat, not so much. I'll share a photo of her on Sunday.