Sunday, March 21, 2010

I now offer other products through Zazzle!

So it has been suggested to me many times to offer products featuring my photography beyond the fine art prints I sell through Etsy.  To accomplish this I have set up a shop on Zazzle.  I am able to offer a wide variety of products from magnets to t-shirts to mousepads to mugs to note cards and postage and more.  Here are just a few products offered in my Zazzle store.  For fine art prints, visit me on Etsy but for other products, check out Zazzle.

Natures beauty calendar
Natures beauty by theshutterbugeye
Other calendars on

Vist me on Zazzle to see all of my products. To share each type would take far to much space.

I have also added pages with additional information to my blog.  If you look at the top you can see an "about me" link, a "pet photography" link and an "Etsy" link.  I am working to make one for Zazzle.  You can also find info about me and my work on my website.

DK Miller
The Shutterbug Eye, Nature photography and more


  1. You've been busy. Nice selection. I've never heard of zazzle before.

  2. Thanks Ann, I have been busy. Zazzle lets you create custom products for yourself or to sell. They handle the orders, printing, shipping, etc. I get a royalty. It's different stuff and a different market than Etsy so I figured I could focus on those two and see what happens. I had fun seeing my work on stamps, mugs and stuff. My husband has been commenting the last few days that I was addicted to the computer but I wanted to get enough in stock to be worth sharing.