Thursday, March 18, 2010

Koi Fish at the Japanese Garden

Today I am sharing some photos of Koi Fish that were in the pond at the garden.

Large orange Koi looking for food

Feeding Frenzy

Not a Koi but this Mallard was swimming in the water too.

Tomorrow I will share a few items from my Etsy store.   I will continue with the Japanese Gardens on Saturday.

DK Miller


  1. Great shots! Aren't the koi there spectacular?! Did you get to see the waterfall in the section with the fish?

  2. I tried once to get pictures of koi fish when I was at the zoo but was not very successful. i love the picture of the duck

  3. Thanks! I was able to get right up to the koi. The duck was so cute!

    Lisa - I did see the waterfall but there was way to much glare from the sun to get good photos.

  4. I've never seen koi fish except in pictures. I like their odd colors. The mallard might like them even more.

  5. Ratty - Some of the fish were as big as the duck. :-)