Friday, March 12, 2010

The Shutterbug Eye - The Dried Rose Collection

So I have listed 6 photos from my dried rose photographs on Etsy.  All are sold as 8x12 prints and there is one listing for a 4x6 print of each photo (six photos total).  Here are a few but check my section titled The Dried Rose Collection to see them all.

Be sure to visit my shop to see my full selection of photographs.

DK Miller


  1. I suppose beauty can be reincarnated, at a different time, in a different form, but retaining the perfect beauty. ~bangchik

  2. I would have never thought dried roses could be beautiful, until I first saw your pictures.

  3. It's amazing that even when they are all dried up they are still so beautiful.

  4. What I love is that they have a slightly gothic feel, without being dark.