Saturday, April 3, 2010

MissMatch Diptych - Week 1: Surreal

Week 1: Surreal
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So I want to first apologize to my Facebook fans for the overkill on this as now I'm blogging it and it will post again as blog form to my page but I am very excited about the first diptych.

My partner was Meg from Etsy store Tea & Brie and the top photo belongs to her. The bottom photo is mine, which if you visit here much you should recognize me in the photo.

The theme was surreal. Meg and I decided that a sub theme would be good so the photos would work together in the end. So we went with red and there was also discussions surrounding forest preserves and red items that were round (I don't know why, but I had apples in my mind - I ended up eating all the apples I bought so maybe I was just hungry for apples?).

Anyway, Meg went with a red balloon in a pond and an eerie forest background with sunlight streaming through the leafless trees. I think her image is stunning.

I did some self portraits and incorporated a ghost image of myself with the apples above me, a red carnation and a foggy forest scene.

I hope you enjoy. The Miss Match project is a weekly Diptych project of the female Photographers of Etsy. You can visit the Miss Match blog to see all of the great diptychs by clicking the Miss Match button to the left.

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  1. very cool, I like both the images

  2. Both great pictures. I have a place that looks just like that first picture. I also like the bottom one. You look like a ghostly juggler with those apples floating there.