Sunday, April 25, 2010

Playground abstract

Playground abstract
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This is the last photo from my red shoot that I will share, not that this means there will never be things with red again because I'm sure there will be.

I took this at the playground by my son's school, altered the colors some and then using layers put two copies of the photo on top of each other with one of them upside down which is what gives it this abstract look.

The equipment are monkey bars that children cross swinging by their arms. I don't swing across them as that results in me on my butt.

Have a lovely Sunday.

DK Miller
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  1. oh I like it. That's something I would do with the layering and rotating. Nice effect, looks really cool

  2. ...that is really cool--like a modern art piece. I like it!!

  3. That is awesome. I love digitally playing with photos like this. You created a fantastic piece of artwork.