Friday, April 30, 2010

The Shutterbug Eye - latest listings

Today, I'm just sharing a few new ones from my Etsy store.  Enjoy!

Monday Morning

This next one isn't new, but I recently renewed it.

Visit my shop to see my full selection.  Have a wonderful weekend!

DK Miller


  1. Since photos here are about flowers, hmmm.., I am trying to figure out the name of the second flower. Definitely the colour tone is alright...


  2. LOL, I guess most of my posts are flowers though the blog is about my photography which does involve a LOT of flowers but I throw in the occassional duck or cat or self portrait or sports here and there. ;-)

  3. Love your photos. I have to say that my monday morning involves kicking and screaming and lots of "I don't want to's"

  4. Such great photos. I always like your work. I have to agree with Ann about Monday mornings.

  5. LOL about Monday mornings. I can't say that I like them either to be honest.