Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tulip from my garden

shower tulip 2
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This is a tulip I received at a baby shower last fall. I planted it upside down, in a spot I worried might be too wet but didn't know where else to put it. I don't do our gardening, the upstairs neighbor had, Of course she is gone now so I don't know who is doing the gardening. I think nature.

Well, nature does good because my tulip grew and it is now beautiful. This is photo 2 of an 8 photo series of this tulip. I am slowly loading these on flickr and plan to list a couple on Etsy too.

What is your favorite flower of the moment in your garden????

DK Miller
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  1. very pretty. I wish I had someone to do my gardening I'm really bad at it :)

  2. The colors in this blend very well. I like the soft green in the background. It compliments the pink very well.