Sunday, May 23, 2010

Little Blue Heron in Water

Today I'm sharing an old photo more to illustrate my plans for later today. Go looking for these herons and egrets and taking photos.

Yesterday driving home from my son's football equipment pickup, we passed a pond and I noticed a blue heron, then an egret, then another egret. The pond had more egrets and herons than I'd seen anywhere around here.

So today I am going back there, alone, with camera. I hope I have success and get some good shots f these pretty birds.

Enjoy your Sunday!

DK MIller
The Shutterbug Eye, Nature photography and more


  1. Sounds like fun, I love going off alone with my camera. Have a good time and get lots of shots.

  2. Diane, I always enjoy bird wildlife shots, this one is very elegant looking. I find when I am alone, I get much better shots because I'm able to concentrate and be free of any limitations.

  3. Thanks! I had bad luck with the birds yesterday. Will try again on a weekend I have no morning plans. earlier is usually better with birds. ;-) I did get some bison shots at Fermilab though. Will share after they are edited.