Saturday, May 1, 2010

No baby ducks today

I had really wanted to go to the Riverwalk and see if there were any baby ducks or geese last night.  Unfortunately by the time I got home from work the beautiful sunny clear day had turned to gray with darker gray.

The weather report showed storms on the way and a tornado watch.  It was windy and I didn't want to get caught in the rain so I stayed in and pre-wrote this blog post instead.  Maybe I'll get lucky tomorrow or Sunday.  Of course, the rain didn't end up starting until almost my bedtime so I could have gone but better safe than sorry, right?

Since I stayed in due to weather, I thought I'd share some cool storm photos I took a year ago in Indiana instead.

I hope to find some baby ducks and/or geese soon.  I just think they are too adorable.

DK Miller


  1. Storm is quite scary... The twisting clouds are sign of enormous power, ravaging anything in sight. Mother ducks could have taken baby ducks somewhere safe.... ~bangchik

  2. Fortunately last nights storm wasn't as bad as the one in this post from a year ago but you're right, if I'd gone out I be the birds would have been someplace safe. I am truly frustrated. The past two weekends have been cloudy and rainy. It's sunny and perfect during the week while I work in an office but the weekends have not cooperated at all.

  3. wow those are really cool! tornados scare the crap out of me, so i would definitely be hiding out somewhere. :)

  4. Those are some scary looking clouds but they make for awesome photos. We were supposed to have rain today but it amounted to about 3 seconds worth of rain drops and then quit

  5. Thanks! That was a scary storm. we were heading the same direction and finally had to get of the highway as a full blown tornado had formed and was headed towards the highway. Very scary but we were ok.