Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Peony bud

Peony bud selective
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Today I am sharing one of the Peony buds in my garden. I love these from this stage all the way through their big blooms.

Enjoy and know that over the next month I will be photographing and sharing the progress of these lovely flowers.

DK Miller
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  1. A bud has tenderness of a baby.. so sweet and pleasing. ~bangchik

  2. I love peony's. they smell so wonderful. The first one I ever had I didn't realize that the ants were a necessary process and i ended up killing the plant trying to get rid of all those ants....lol Now I know better and enjoy trying to get pictures of them.

  3. Thank you! :-)

    Ann - they do smell well. Sorry to hear about your ant attack. LOL. I hope to catch a few ants with the camera this spring. We'll see.

  4. ...these flowers are always so showy and gorgeous. Hard to believe so much pomp is hiding in that tiny bud. It's beautiful...

  5. It is always a surprise so much comes out of those buds. Thank you.