Wednesday, June 16, 2010


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This is my son's cat Tippy. She is adorable how she follows him around everywhere he goes. I think she is very aware who chose her at the adopt place that day.

She can be trouble, she eats socks, blankets and clothing if you aren't careful but she is so sweet it's hard to stay mad at her.

DK Miller
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  1. Tippy has some very odd eating habits but she is a very pretty cat.

  2. She looks very sweet. A lot of times cats do bond with one specific family member - a friend's toddler daughter is BFF with their tuxie kitty and she has some sweet photos of them together.

    Tippy's curious habit is called pica. Sometimes it develops with cats who have been weaned too early, and sometimes it indicates a medical problem. If she's always checked out fine at the vet, then the best thing you can do is just keep blankets, sweaters, socks and anything else she likes to eat away from her. It's sort of an OCD.