Friday, April 29, 2011

Off camera flash

butterfly garden and remote flash test

Almost two weeks ago I attended The Flash Bus Tour Chicago with Dave Hobby and Joe McNally to learn all about off camera flash.  You can learn all about off camera flash from basics and on at Strobist.  The day was fantastic and we learned about using flash in manual and in TTL  (through-the-lens-metering) where the camera and flash make some of the decisions.  I went home with so many ideas.

My first challenge was to see if I could properly trigger more than one flash through my camera.  I certainly didn't want to make anyone meet up for photos to find I don't even know how to trigger the flash, that would be embarrassing.   So I set up a trial with a floral arrangement and decorative butterfly.

The above image is my photo and it is lit with two Speedlight flashes.  I used one Speedlight flash as an an accent light and it was set up on a table pointing down at the butterfly.  The other I used the small stand and pointed it up at the butterfly to add some fill light and soften the shadows.  It was too bright and the fill was to harsh.  I needed to diffuse.  I have a small softbox on order but had nothing on hand so I rigged up a home made diffuser by taping paper towels in a big bubble over my flash bulb.  It worked perfectly.  It was also very easy to set my camera to control the flashes and the above photo is the result.

Now I am ready to practice with real people.  I have acquired light stands for my flashes, some umbrellas and a reflector so I will not need to be looking for other objects to hold my flash.  If you are local and would like to help by modeling in exchange for photos, please contact me.

Diane Miller,
The Shutterbug Eye™


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