Sunday, May 22, 2011

The headshot project - 1

Having recently acquired some lighting stands and modifiers for my two speedlight flashes. I have decided, rather than jump in full force trying to create complicated scene's, to try to master just the headshot.

To that end, I am starting with myself. I completed a series of 5 shots of myself in different clothing and makeup to get the lighting right.

Once I'm finished with myself I hope to photograph friends, indoors and outdoors using the flash to get their headshots. Hey, everyone could use a headshot, right?

Last phase is to work with strangers, these might be ambient light only shots but the goal is to get talking to people.

That is what I am doing. For camera types, I include my flickr description that describes the lighting set-up. I think light-wise (hair and shadows) this is my weakest of the set but I plan to share the others this week as well.

Have a very nice Sunday!

Diane MIller
The Shutterbug Eye

Via Flickr:
The headshot project
Phase 1 - Self portraits

I used one speedlight slightly right of camera shot into an umbrella. At 1/4 power
One speedlight with a small lumiquest softbox behind me slightly camera right on 1/20 power for hair
I held a reflector in front and tiled up and slightly sideways for fill.
The camera was set at f10, shutter 1/60, 200 ISO and I was using a 50mm prime lens.

This was my first of the series and I'm not as happy with this as much as the others which I will be sharing in the next few days. The basic lighting was the same but the hair/shadows seemed a bit better in them, to me at least.
Flashes were triggered from the camera.

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