Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some updates

So, I've not been posting much, but I have been busy. I have been working on a new project and if it all goes well I should be ready to unveil it next week before I leave for a short, but needed vacation.

As you may have seen from my last post, or if you follow me on Facebook or Etsy that I redid my look with a new banner, new icon and all around new look. You can also see my new look on my website.

I have been adding more variety to my Etsy store. Now, in addition to dreamy nature shots, you can find more urban decay and I've added an entire section for macabre, which should be fun as Halloween approaches. I know, it's still July, but time is moving fast.

Enjoy the rest of your week. I hope to have more updates soon.

DK Miller
The Shutterbug Eye


  1. "The Shutterbug Eye" has been included in the ninth edition of this years Thinking of Christmas Gifts in July. I hope this helps to attract many more new customers.

  2. Loving your new work :)

    Have a lovely weekend, T. :)