Thursday, September 29, 2011

The fPOE book "Still: The Art of Living"

The Female Photographers of Etsy published the book Still  The Art of Living this year.  I'm proud to say that I contributed 2 images to this book.  Since my images do not show in the preview, I took a couple quick photos to share and give you a preview.  The book is available on Blurb and comes in both soft cover and hard cover.  It is truly a beautiful book and features many very talented photographers including Irene Suchocki, Elle Moss and so many more.

Here is a preview of my two photos.  Also check out the book preview.

.The Lookout in Still
My photo: The Lookout
Copyright 2011, Diane Miller, The Shutterbug Eye

Winter Wonderland in Still
Copyright 2010, Diane Miller, The Shutterbug Eye

Both of these photos are available on Etsy.  I have added links to the photo titles under the images.

DK Miller

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