Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sarah Jessica Parker to receive my work and MORE!

Thanks to The Artisan Group, I have the privilege of having the pendant to the left, be included in an exclusive gift bag that is being sent to Sarah Jessica Parker.  I'm thrilled beyond words.  I will be sending this beautiful pendant featuring a photograph of a delicate rose in bloom.  This photo was taken in the beautiful rose garden at Cantigny Gardens and Park in Wheaton, Illinois.

In addition to the pendant, she will receive a wallet sized print of the rose and my business card, which is also wallet sized and includes my photograph TORCWORI on the back.

In addition to this opportunity I have also gotten the chance to have my business cards included in a special Mother's Day gift bag that will go to celebrities including, but not limited to Hilary Duff, Beyonce, Uma Thurman, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Simpson and more.  The business cards I will be sending for this opportunity have my photo Shine on the back.  Shine was also taken at Cantigny Gardens and Park.

Check out my work, including some new bottlecap pendants, at The Shutterbug Eye on Etsy.  Fine art prints and large prints can also be purchased on my photography website.

Have a wonderful day!

DK Miller

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