Thursday, May 10, 2012

Need your help - vote for your favorite in the comments

I am excited to announce that I will have an item on The Artisan Group display table at GBK's Primetime Emmys Gift Lounge.  I need to pick one photo to submit for approval.  I'm taking a poll of my readers and fans.  Which one do you like best???  Here are the photos and below I share my thoughts, why I like or what my worries would be.  I love all of these but need to pick the best ONE to represent me at this prestigious event.

1. Is a digital art piece using my butterfly photo.  I like it because I use the butterfly in my branding and the colors are eye catching.  My concern is that it is a digital art piece and most of my work is photography.

2.  My cardinal ttv photo.  I love this one.  Are there too many birds on tree pictures though, not for the table but in general?  I want to stand out.  I want the celebrities to want to look at and hold my piece. 

3.  Pretty magnolia, who doesn't like that.  I'm not sure it has enough "wow factor" though.  But it's pretty.

4.  My bee photo was extremely popular as a facebook cover photo and I really like it .  My only worry is that it is a bee and not everyone likes bees.  I've had people respond negatively to some of my insect photos so I don't know.  What do you think?

Thanks so much to all who respond!  I will announce the winner sometime next week, after the approval process.

DK Miller


  1. Man - I can totally understand your debate! What a hard decision. My personal tendency is to be drawn toward the more vibrant colored items (1 & 4) but I do know the muted colors are so very popular these days. Out of curiosity, of these items which gets your most "faves" on Etsy? Maybe that would help to get an unofficial voting.

    My vote would be: #2

  2. Thanks Rachel. #1 has been listed the longest with the other three listed this spring.

    #1 has 94 views, 18 admirers and 8 treasury lists (this is the only one that has been renewed so that would make it appear to have more views compared to the others).
    #2 has 100 views, 25 admirers and 3 treasury lists
    #3 has 112 views, 20 admirers and 18 treasury lists
    #4 has 35 views and 6 admirers (no treasury lists). This was my most popular on facebook though, whatever that means?

    So maybe it's really between #2 and #3.

  3. I think it's #1 but the butterflies shouldn't be simple copies since the shading & size etc. make them look to obviously similar. I'd use this picture but change each butterfly's appearance somewhat.

  4. personally, I love the red cardinal. it has the visual appeal of a home decor piece, while still being somewhat technically challenging to compose and capture that particular shot.
    Number 3 is nice as well...but definitely without the wow factor.
    Great job!!

  5. Thanks everyone. I presented the butterfly one and the cardinal for approval and opinion of the woman who runs things. I thought she'd know what would work on the display table better than I. Anyway, it looks like the cardinal won. :-) I'll be posting more about it later. Thanks to all who posted their opinion. it was a tremendous help.