Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pet Week: Day Four

It's day four of pet week and what a great week it's been.  So many cute dogs and cats and even a bird.
Follow me on Facebook for future opportunities to have your photos/pet/etc. shared on my blog.  I think I will be doing something like this again.

Here is today's group of cuties!  Enjoy.

This is my friend and fellow photographer Ashleigh's dog Bailey.
Check out Ashleigh's work and get to know here at:

This is Smoochy, Abra Alani's cat.  What a smoochable face.
Get to know Abra Alani at

This is Debbra's cat Snicky, a beautiful calico.

This is Lynne's cat Mica, a stray who wandered onto Lynne's beach
one day and decided to stay.
Check out Lynne's jewelry work at

This is Christina's beautiful cat Emma.
Visit Christina at Klings & Things.

This is Angie's dog Ruby. 
Visit Angie at Beneath Northern Skies.

That's all for today!  Stop by tomorrow for the last bunch fo furry friends.

DK Miller

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