Monday, May 21, 2012

Pet Week - Day One

It's pet week at The Shutterbug Eye and I'll be sharing and honoring pets of my friends and followers all week.  This week, Monday through Friday I will be sharing photos of these pets.  The photos were provided by the pet owners and are not my work.

I hope all the animal lovers enjoy!  With no more delay, here is today's group of cuddly fur friends.

This is Lau Tzu, my friend Amy's beautiful cat.
Please visit Benld Adopt a Pet, an organization that helps animals.

Above and below is Cujo.  Cujo is my friend and fellow talented photographer,
Laura Evan's cat.  Check out Laura's photography at 

This is my friend Paul's dog Dingo.

And Paul's beautiful cat Lucky.

I hope you enjoyed today's group of pets.  There will be more pets to come each day this week.

DK Miller


  1. What a great idea - & such sweet fur babies!

  2. Love it! I don't want to miss the next ones, so I will be following your blog from now on ;)