Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pet Week: Day Three

Today is day three of Pet Week here at The Shutterbug Eye.  I'm sharing photos of my friends and followers pets.  All photos were submitted and are owned by the pet owner.  None of these are my photography.

I hope you enjoy today's pets.

Today I am starting with friend and fellow photographer Mandy's pets.  She has a cute cat and a dog.
Visit Mandy and check out her photography here
First we have  Mandy's dog Cupcake!  How can you resist that face?
And here is her cat Stimpy.

Submissions weren't just dogs and cats.  This is Beanie, a colorful character owned by
my friend Paula who also makes great clocks.  Check out her work here:

This is Bentley.  His owner, Nanette, and I have been friends since High School.

Last, but certainly not least, is Jeannette's dog Jesse who passed away after
fighting cancer.  Stormy will be missed.
You can see Jeannette's work here at Finchfield Art.

Visit tomorrow for another group of loved pets.


  1. This is great what you are doing with this pet series Diane. Everyone loves their pets and it is so cool to see it on your professional site!!! Thanks, Nanette

  2. Thanks! I'm having fun with this series. I love animals and I can only post so many pictures of my cats. :-)

  3. Another great day of pet pics, Diane! You've got to love a doberman named Cupcake with a pal named Stimpy! Glad to see birds included! Keep up the great work!