Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pet Week: Day Two

This is day two of pet week here at The Shutterbug Eye!  These photos were provided by and are owned by the pet owners and do not represent my work.

Enjoy today's group of cute furry friends.

This is Jeannette's dog Cooper
Visit Jeannette at Finchfield Art.

Tug of War, everyday
This is Mocha, Joe's Dog
She likes tug of war! :-)

This is my friend Kristy's dog Buddy (above and Weeman (below).
You can learn more about Kristy on her blog

This is Gallo, my friend Kimberley's dog.  Kim and I
are friends from college days!

Last, but not least is Stormy, a cute little dog owned by my friend Lisa.

I hope you enjoyed today's dog focused post.

DK Miller


  1. Thank you Diane! Great job on featuring these fabulous pets!

  2. Haha I love the expression on Buddy's face!
    These are all such great looking pooches, I love your idea to feature people's pets! :)